7" C#-15 Sedona Red Rock/Mt. Shasta Serpentine/Platinum
Amaryllis Crystal Garden

7" C#-15 Sedona Red Rock/Mt. Shasta Serpentine/Platinum

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Sedona Redrock - A triad vortex sandstone blend from Sedona’s Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Airport Rock mountains, created through intentional loving design to initiate accelerated consciousness with frequencies that resonate in honour and recognition of the Native American harmonic.

Mount Shasta Serpentine - Ambassador of the mystical properties of the Mt Shasta vortex, the natural green energy of Serpentine keeps you grounded in grace during our journey of loving transformation, aligning you with the natural ebb and flow of all life.

Platinum – A pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in yin energy. Platinum stimulates the divine feminine, relieves stress, and diminishes depression while aligning the intuitive and emotional body.

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