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Animal BodyTalk & Communication Session
Amaryllis Crystal Garden & Centre for Healing

Animal BodyTalk & Communication Session


Click here to see our schedule availability. Currently all sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

 Cost: $120/session

When people first use the BodyTalk Access for Animals program, they notice changes in the general health and stress status of their animal companions. Sometimes the changes are dramatic, i.e. a highly agitated animal calms down immediately. Sometimes the improvements are gradual and do not register for a number of weeks, i.e. an animal’s severely itchy skin becomes healthier and the animal ceases obsessive scratching habits.

Once an animal’s health has stabilized into a healthier pattern, the preventive capabilities of the techniques help maintain that balance, preventing new health issues from arising. The Access techniques can also be used to complement an animal’s veterinarian care and accelerate healing.

Animal Communication can offer in-depth insights into what humans, animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings are thinking & feeling as well as important information regarding their behavior & responses to certain situations.  Linking Awareness – Intercellular Communication – A Healing Journey is: A Healing and Communication experience. By Linking Awareness through the Heart connection of one Sentient Being to another we experience deep communication & healing.

Linking Awareness also provides you with an opportunity to LISTEN & ‘talk’ with all Sentient Beings. Often non-verbal Sentient Beings can become frustrated at your lack of understanding their thoughts, emotions, & intentions when they directly communicate them to you, & so they may resort to methods that you do understand, via physical actions…

“Sentient Beings”; is a technical term in Buddhist discourse. Broadly speaking, it denotes beings with consciousness or sentience or, in some contexts, life itself. Furthermore, & particularly in Tibetan Buddhism & Japanese Buddhism, all beings (Including plant life & even inanimate objects or entities considered “spiritual” or “metaphysical” by conventional Western thought) are, or may be considered sentient beings.

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