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Sound Bath in Cochrane
Amaryllis Crystal Garden

Sound Bath in Cochrane


We are currently offering group sound baths in Cochrane at 216 1st Street W Cochrane. 


Duration: 60 minutes

Dates: All are SOLD OUT  

Price: $20

For a truly amazing meditative and healing experience, try a sound bath. You are surrounded by many beautiful alchemy crystal bowls that have been selected specifically for you. The sounds surround you with their powerful healing tones and immediately allow you to experience your multi-dimensional selves, tune your chakras and relax your mind. This allows for greater expansion of your being and allows for healing and transformation. Each session allows you to release blockages and helps to open you to your full potential and to the opportunities in life. It is the frequencies of the alchemy crystal bowls that penetrate into every cell of your body, allowing optimal healing and growth to occur.

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