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Sync into Nature Workshop
Amaryllis Crystal Garden & Centre for Healing

Sync into Nature Workshop


Date & Time: TBA (June 2020) 9am - 5pm each day

Location: Giddy Up Acres (272240 Grand Valley Road, Cochrane, AB)

Open the door to the world of interspecies communication. Join Martha in a potent immersion to awaken your senses with the connection to the Three Kingdoms; Plant, Animal and Mineral. 

Everything has a consciousness, a spirit, a life force and intelligence that can be tapped into through your subtle senses. Accessing the information within the unified field through your intuition allows you to communicate with this vital universal force. Our birth rite is having a connection with all life on a planetary level.  Belief systems, division, stress, trauma etc.. disconnects us from this. Learn how to reconnect with this universal truth in this powerful workshop.

Have you ever wondered how huge flocks of bird or schools of fish move simultaneously together? 

Did you know Elephants pick up information through their feet to sense underground seismic waves that travel to their ears? It is also believed that they receive information about storms in this way from distances up to 240 kilometres away. This could explain why animals traveled to higher ground in the tsunami of 2004 Phuket Thailand saving their lives. 

The 3 kingdoms work in harmony with each other. For example birds will often drop seeds which in turn germinate to create more foliage offering housing, protection and nourishment for the same birds. Wind and fire working together spread the seeds of a pine tree allowing the next generation of forest to be birthed.This is natures harmony at work. 

Who is the Sync into Nature workshop for?

People looking for a deeper connection with their pets.

Those seeking greater communication with their non verbal love ones. 

Every Plant lover and caretaker.

People who want to expand their connection to Crystals.

Those who hold an interest in Alchemy Crystal Bowls. 

Those curious about interspecies communication. 

Some things you will learn and discover in this workshop:

-How to shift your body into a receptive mode so animals, minerals and plant messages can flow to you.

-Discover your blocks in communicating with animals, minerals, plants and how to overcome them.

- How to pick up information in the morphogenic field. 

- Enhance and awaken your innate abilities to connect with the 3 kingdoms in a way that work with you.

-How to give and receive healing from a plant, animal and mineral. 

-How to communicate with all life

-How the 3 kingdoms rely on each other for balance and wellbeing.

Common questions for this workshop:

  1. Will this assist in communicating with non verbal humans?

Answer: We as humans are part of the animal species, therefore this approach has huge potential to aid in this communication.

  1. Do I have to be intuitive to take part in this workshop?

Answer: We are all intuitive, some of us get disconnected from this truth. This workshop is perfect to connect with your innate intuitive abilities.

  1. Do I need to be a pet owner, plant professional or owner of crystals or crystal bowls to participate? 

Answer: No, everyone can benefit from enhanced connection with the unified morphogenic field. 

All sentient beings in your life try to communicate with you all the time. Are you listening ? Would you like to learn how?

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