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Workshops & Courses

'Giddy Up Acres' is home to Martha Birkett's beautiful Centre for Healing located 15 minutes NW of Cochrane, Alberta. On this incredible 80 acre property lies a quaint log home that has been converted to a retreat and workshop centre.

Equipped with a wood burning stove, a full kitchen, therapy session room and surrounded by natures beauty, this location is stunning and supportive for hosting, personal 1 on 1 sessions, educative workshops and events, sound baths and retreats. It is here that Martha Birkett runs her healing practice combining her 10+ years of experience and expertise to offer an assortment of holistic healing modalities.
Please note that some of our workshops are held in store at Amaryllis Crystal Garden in Cochrane, Alberta. Details are clear in the description of each workshop or event.
To make an inquiry about becoming a facilitator or hosting a retreat, please send us a message HERE.