Amaryllis Vendors - Pelletier Sisters

"Where the Light "

 It all started with a series of events; traveling around the world, exploring yoga and meditation, awakening to new ways of seeing the world, as well as learning about different energy healing modalities (with the hope of healing ourselves and helping others).

In this quest for truth and healing, we realized that the power of healing, we realized that the power of healing is within all of us. Like a small seed that contains all the information needed to grow a tree, we also have in every cell of our body the knowledge of the whole universe as well as it infinite potential.

In the bridging of our passion for art and energy healing through this collection, it is our wish that our pieces will help you awaken that infinite power within and open you up to new possibilities. We infused every piece with the vibration of health and happines. We create each piece with profound love and gratitude, thinking that some day someone very special, like you, will wear it and benefit greatly from it.

It is our wish that the jewelry you are about to to wear will help you remember your own  infinite potential. You can be creative with your piece and encrypt it with your own unique intention! Crystals have the power to hold information and amplify it. So use it to create beautiful things in your life! Take a few deep breaths, open your heart by thinking of something you are very grateful for in your life and allow your mind to gently come into stillness. Then think of what you would like to manifest in your life and on this beautiful planet. Every time you wear it, you will feel that spark of magic and joy knowing that your heart's dreams are about to become a reality!

With all our Love
Pelletier Sisters