6" F-40 Ruby Crystal Alchemy Bowl
6" F-40 Ruby Crystal Alchemy Bowl

6" F-40 Ruby Crystal Alchemy Bowl

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6" F-40 Ruby #83154


An outstanding quartz crystal tool of loving protection with the powerful vibration of mystical Ruby, a "stone of nobility".

It radiates spiritual wisdom, health, transformation, and wealth. The Ruby Bowl sounds a lavish red spectrum that "lights" interior planes of Self. Ruby crystal carries an enduring, perfectly brilliant diamond frequency we crave in relationships, enhancing soul love connection, Tantric practice, and unifying root and crown chakra energies.

This gemstone has an empowering vibration radiating universal wisdom, the wholeness of health, quantum and atomic transformation, spirit love connection, and abundance of wealth. 

Alchemy crystal singing bowls create pure and soothing sound waves that travel through the body and entrain every cell in our body down to the DNA.

This encourages the cells to return to a harmonize to a healthy vibration.

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