7" G -15 Black Tourmaline Crystal Alchemy Bowl
7" G -15 Black Tourmaline Crystal Alchemy Bowl
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7" G -15 Black Tourmaline Crystal Alchemy Bowl

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Black Tourmaline

  • purification
  • protection
  • balancing
  • grounding

The ultimate purification and guardian bowl, Black Tourmaline transmutes anything
in life that keeps you from living your divine purpose, enlightening you to be fully
aware, fully present, and fully empowered

This powerful and potent alchemy helps to cleanse and purify the body, mind, and spirit. The transformational frequencies will help you to ground yourself so you can experience more harmony and balance in your life. Black Tourmaline can help you protect yourself against EMFs in your surroundings.

This alchemy helps you boost your self-confidence and has calming effects that neutralize fear, anxiety, and OCD. People who regularly meditate will have a huge benefit with Black Tourmaline. Other positive effects are found in vitality, meditation, immune strength, balance, detoxing, and strengthening the lungs against bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumonia.