8" C+50 Kyanite/Citrine/Platinum w/Androgynous Indium Inside Tall
Amaryllis Crystal Garden

8" C+50 Kyanite/Citrine/Platinum w/Androgynous Indium Inside Tall

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Kyanite – Powerful in energy clearing, Kyanite creates pathways of consciousness where formerly, there were none. Bridging auric and emotional blocks between individuals, it clears, opens and activates all chakras simultaneously and instantaneously.

Citrine - Integrates a joyful, cohesive yellow light energy that aligns root and solar plexus chakras encouraging the expansion and continuance of wealth, mental acuity and optimism. Citrine loosens your hold on all that no longer serves you as you progress to your higher state of consciousness.

Platinum – A pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in yin energy. Platinum stimulates the divine feminine, relieves stress, and diminishes depression while aligning the intuitive and emotional body.

Androgynous Indium - A deeply violet-blue iridescence that radiates the light of Ascension (I AM ONE). By illuminating the interior life, a fullness of integration inhabits one’s male/female duality.

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