8" E +15 Indigo, Palladium Crystal Alchemy Bowl
8" E +15 Indigo, Palladium Crystal Alchemy Bowl
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8" E +15 Indigo, Palladium Crystal Alchemy Bowl

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  • Intuition
  • Inspiration
  • True Destiny
  • Communication

Helping you let go of the noise of a busy life, the Indium Bowl aids in amplifying
your intuition and re-discovering your authentic self. When in that space you can
reflect on your true destiny and be inspired to reach your highest spiritual potential.
This bowl can also assist in improving communication, enhancing meditation, and
bringing peace when needed.


  • Astral Travel
  • Channeling
  • Personal growth
  • Protection

The energy contained within palladium has been derived from the distant ancestral form of wisdom; it, therefore, tends to as a catalyst for all ‘light-based activities. It furthers the initiation of, and the continuity in, astral travel and channeling strengthening the attachment and allowing for consciousness during these activities. It also promotes withdrawal from these states.”

Palladium assists one to cease and desist in those activities which are remaining from outdated conditioning, providing impetus to advancement in the transformation of one's life into the vision of the new and conscious humanity. It further assists in providing augmentation to the social skills necessary for both interaction and associations which supplement ones growth.”