8" F -45 Lemon Angel Gold Crystal Alchemy Bowl
8" F -45 Lemon Angel Gold Crystal Alchemy Bowl

8" F -45 Lemon Angel Gold Crystal Alchemy Bowl

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Lemon Angel

  • Solar Plexus
  • Abundance
  • Self-cleanses
  • invigorating

Emotional, Spiritual & Healing Properties

This is a powerful stone that is often overlooked. It is higher vibrational and never needs cleansing since it self-cleanses. It is associated with mental activity of all kinds, clarity of mind and can help bring decision-making to the fore. Carry during a job interview or exam. Like citrine, this is a stone of Abundance. I feel lemon quartz is more refined and higher in vibration than citrine, it really packs a punch since it is also such a cleansing stone. Further, this is an all-around stone for Good Luck and is said to encourage fortune to flow into your life.

It will lift a down mood, bring energy to the wearer as well a sunny feeling.

An ideal stone to wear during winter if you are prone to seasonal blues. (If truly depressed, try Amber. Lemon Quartz will put a zing into the step if mildly depressed.)

It has the power to remove negative thinking and blockages of the mind, clearing the aura. Lemon Aura can remove self-doubt, bring confidence, joy, peace, and may even help with anxiety.

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