9" C# +15 Morganite, Pink Aura Gold Bowl
9" C# +15 Morganite, Pink Aura Gold Bowl
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9" C# +15 Morganite, Pink Aura Gold Bowl

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Love Set 1 

  • 9" C# +15 Morganite, Pink Aura Gold Bowl    #79499
  • 7" F# +15 Egyptian Blue Bowl                           #82633
  • 6" A# +15 Pink Ocean Gold Bowl                     #80273

Individual properties

9" C# +15 Morganite, Pink Aura Gold Crystal Alchemy Bowl 


  • Gentle passion
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Self-teaching
  • Clearing old pattern

  • Morganite is the crystalline embodiment of divine love through service in ones’ life. Fully grateful and resonating with divine love, Morganite is a subtle translucent frequency that nurtures a state of higher awareness, higher being, and Grace. With purity and gentle passion for divine will in action, the overtone that this beautiful alchemy exudes promotes the Oneness that allows us to hold the love frequency with clarity, seeing the illusion of the past without regret, and helping manifest self-forgiveness. Morganite offers conformational energy that allows you better to see that everything is perfect in the process. Old burdens and tragedies dissolve as we fulfill our self-teaching and the realization that the hardest lessons in life are the most important to our alignment and mastery. The clearing of habitual relationship patterns that no longer serve us is often a by-product of this alchemy, as we honor the unity of Spirit and embrace the Angelic Heart. (Enhance Morganite with: Mother of Platinum, Azeztulite, Rhodochrosite)

    Pink Aura Gold

    • High Frequency
    • Unconditional Love
    • Heart-centered
    • Radiant Healing Love

    High-frequency love alchemy resonating with the pure energy of the Magdalene. A companion of unconditional and courageous love, Pink Aura Gold resonates with the enacting of all activities from a heart-centered origin. The radiant healing love source vibration guides the heart to inspire the mind.

    7" F# +15 Egyptian Blue Crystal Alchemy Bowl

    Egyptian Blue 

    • Ancient Wisdom
    • Healing
    • Egyptian
    • Knowledge

    These beautiful bowls were designed and created exclusively by Crystal Tones to harmonically link the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the healing technology of the future. The Egyptian Blue Bowl® is modeled on the Quartz Crystal Egyptian Bowls from the 13th Dynasty Thebes, Egypt.


    6" A# +15 Pink Ocean Gold Crystal Alchemy Bowl  

    Pink Ocean Gold

    • Empowering
    • Heart energy
    • Compassion
    • Grace

    Pink Ocean Gold - The soft and nurturing embrace of our love source, with the strength of ageless wisdom, grace, and healing. Pink Ocean Gold sings of the power of the heart in accomplishing a life well lived through compassion and courage.