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African Adventure 2020
African Adventure 2020
African Adventure 2020
African Adventure 2020
African Adventure 2020
African Adventure 2020
African Adventure 2020
Amaryllis Crystal Garden & Centre for Healing

African Adventure 2020


A Journey to the Ancient Source of Our Wild Superpowers to Connect to Animals, Plants & the Earth! Want to come with us to AFRICA?

Laura Bird and Martha Birkett have put together a 2 part adventure that will guide you away from the distractions and interference of the modern world to connect with your 'wild' side, something only nature can provide. How deep will you dive to recover your wild self?

Here is just some of what you will experience:

  • Part 1 will be centred in South Africa and will be a bridge between the worlds. A journey of our present day selves to retrieve wisdom from a primal, more natural connection with the Earth.
  • Martha and Laura, your Adventure Leaders, will bring their experience as healing facilitators and teachers to set and support your heart compass for this journey and beyond. Be a part of their circle and experience a sense of tribe through these carefully curated experiences which are powerful activations to guide you to awaken the wild you and all your primal gifts. 
  • We commence our journey with a ceremony at the highest vibrational point on Earth: Adams Calendar. This is the oldest megalithic site and stone circle in the world. Scientist, Author and Humanitarian, Michael Tellinger, will join us there to help us connect the dots from the ancient world to the present day with his holistic understanding of this sacred site.
  • Horses and domestic animals will be a bridge for us to the wild as we start to tune into the animals, plants and environment in a very different way during our stay at the amazing Kaapsehoop Horse Trails. While there, Laura and Martha will share their animal communication and connection to nature practices.
  • Then we will travel south to join wildlife film maker, Craig Foster, as he shows us Africa through his eyes and takes us into parts of that world that most tourists never get to experience. Craig, who feels the ocean in his veins will also guide us in a cold water immersion ritual. Emerging from the Mother Ocean will help you remember your wild self. We will also get to see his latest film "My Octopus Teacher" in a private screening.
  • Spend a day with world renowned Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach, as she shares her wisdom about connecting with and listening to the animals.
  • Don't worry, there will be free days for adventures of your own, resting, journaling and soaking in the surroundings as part of the schedule.
  • Those that are up for the full re-wilding experience can choose to join us and continue to Part 2. A Return to the Wild takes us into the heart of Botswana where we expand what we are learning.
  • Highly experienced local guide and Animal Communicator, Alwyn Myburgh, will take us off the grid to experience a co-existence with nature unlike anything you've seen on a 'safari' before. As he guides us onto the equal footing with nature and all its power, he will share his unique skills and approach to - Interspecies Communication, Ancient Skills, Bird Language, Intuitive Tracking and Mental Mapping with our senses.
  • Through it all, you will be guided by Earth Adventurers, Martha and Laura, as they undertake another of their explorations of the self and the universe with the help of the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms. Not their first or last adventure, this is however, the first time you are invited to share the mission of the magic in our incredible place of origin!

Dates and Travel Details:

Part 1: Bridge Between the Worlds

Meet in Johannesburg September 18th and travel to Kaapsehoop

19th - 23rd September ~ Kaapsehoop Horse Trails 

20th September ~ Adams Calendar with Michael Tellinger

24th - 27th September ~ Craig Foster is our guide

29th ~ A day with Anna Breytenbach

Fly home 30th September 2020

or travel with us to…

Part 2: Return to the Wild

30th September ~ Fly to Maun Botswana

1st - 6th October ~ Safari in Botswana with Alwyn MyBurgh

6th October ~ Travel home

Places will be strictly limited and more details (including pricing) will follow soon. 

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