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Explore your Chakras Through your Senses
Amaryllis Crystal Garden & Centre for Healing

Explore your Chakras Through your Senses



Cost: $40/workshop (workshops are specified if you want specific chakras) or $210 for all 7 

Date & Time: Every Tuesday, starting on January 14th, 2019; 7 - 8:30pm 
Location: Amaryllis Crystal Garden (216 1st Street Cochrane, Alberta)

Are you truly in a relationship with your main chakras?  Chakras are a very real part of us.  Do you know how they can affect your well being?  Are you familiar with how imbalances in these energy centres can throw us off and how you can bring balance to them?  Join us in our 7 week journey through the seven of them.  Each week we will throughly connect with one of them, consciously live within them for the following week and move our way up to getting to know them all.  7 Chakras, 7 weeks.
We will be using Sound Essence Chakra Sprays, crystals and crystal bowls to help connect and experience each chakra through the senses.
Join us for individual ones @ $40/per week or join us for all 7 weeks at a discounted rate of $210.00 Total.

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