Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation

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Weekly Morning Meditation – Rise and Shine!
with Sanghavasini Ananda

Start the day with a guided mindfulness meditation in a magical Crystal Garden.

Inside each of us, there is a shining sun, the light of our being. At times, this sun might be temporarily covered up by a cloud deck of worries, confusion, and similar emotions. Yet, this light never fades. When we allow ourselves to consciously connect with this inner radiance, we can be a light onto ourselves and onto the world. Just like how the morning sun warms the Earth’s skin and melts the frost, our inner light can melt all our fears and worries so we can flow freely once more.

You were born to shine!

Even though this meditation is intended to be a guided group meditation, it will also give you the energy and tools to continue afterwards so you can keep reaping the benefits in your day-to-day life. Meditation is not something we do once a week. It is a state we can consciously enter. With practice, our whole day can become a meditation where we function beautifully and much more productively. When we are centered in this state, nothing in the outer world can shake us. We become stable and yet flowing, like the river.

Join us and show us your beautiful light!

When: Every Thursdays; 8:30am – 9:30am
Facilitator: Sanghavasini Ananda
Value: $25
To Register: Please call 403-981-1444. No drop in.

Note: This meditation is done in a seated position. Chairs and/ or mats are provided. If preferred, bring your own meditation cushion and blanket to be comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing and please avoid the use of scents and/or perfumes on behalf of those who are sensitive.

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