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Smudge fan Double Large

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Small Feather Smudge fans

Congratulations on your purchase of a special feather smudge fan.  Each fan goes through sacred ceremony through its creation.  Prayer begins the process asking for guidance to build a fan for an individual person.  I am guided to each feather and its placement in the fan all while sacred medicine is burned (smudge).  Inside each handle sacred sage has been placed. 

The feathers used are goose, turkey, pheasant and wild chicken while the handles are made from deer leather.  There is fox fur added on the handle. It is believed that the use of a smudge fan while smudging, assists your prayers to the Creator with speed. 

The spirit in your fan also assists in your healing by drawing the sacred smoke around you and in your home helping to create sacred space.

The handle of the the smudge fan is filled with small Amethysts, Turquoise and Sacred Sage medicine. It is carefully wrapped with dear leather.

Created by

Tricia Mogstad, White Buffalo Woman, Sacred Medicine Carrier

Shamans Wind Song