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Whole Body Regulation Thermometry
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Whole Body Regulation Thermometry


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Whole Body Regulation Thermometry is an exact science, originating in Europe, that has been developed over several decades. This technology works by taking precise measurements of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System, taken from 120 points on the surface of the skin, and reflecting the relative health or dis-ease of internal organs, glands and lymph. The information (patient data set) is then fed into an advanced computer database that interprets the data to instantly deliver an accurate whole body report in plain language and graphic images.

This is NOT image-camera thermography. Regulation thermography is a completely different science. The computer database was developed over a span of nearly 20 years with contributions from over 100 doctors worldwide who performed tests on more than 100,000 patients and corroborated the patient data with MRI, CT-Scan, mammography and other conventional diagnostic tools.


WBT is an adjunct patient assessment tool designed to help identify underlying causes very early in the disease process. It is normally used as a completely safe and non-invasive breast health screening tool.

Comparing WBT with mammography is like comparing apples with oranges. Mammography is focused on the breast anatomy alone. WBT looks at the physiology of the whole body. Taking into account the many factors that influence breast health, WBT analyzes the functioning health of the breasts in context of the whole body.

WBT does not diagnose breast cancer, and neither does mammography. Only a biopsy can diagnose it (even though pathologists sometimes differ regarding what they see and interpret under the microscope).

Mammography is based on early detection, even though it is well known that once a lump has been detected by a mammogram, the disease has been in the body for 6-8 years. WBT helps to screen for a range of dysfunctions and can pick up patterns in the nervous system and blood flow years before disease symptoms manifest.

Despite recent medical studies questioning its effectiveness, mammography remains the gold standard with orthodox physicians. While doctors who have studied functional medicine (and a growing number of women) prefer WBT as a first line screening for breast health, it is categorized as an adjunct to mammography.

The Amaryllis Centre does not diagnose any disease condition. Patients should consult with their family physician regarding the priorities and recommendations presented in your WBT report. The Amaryllis Centre can also recommend you to a network of integrative doctors and specialized practitioners who have established track records of healing patients with limited use of drugs or surgery. We teach our clients how to apply common sense and natural principles to their lives with simple lifestyle practices, both ancient and contemporary. The commentary is not meant to diagnose, treat or replace conventional treatment.

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